Dogwood Farms is owned and operated by Jon Knox and his wife, Kim Koziol.  As a Jersey native Jon knew the Garden State would be a perfect place for a farm offering fresh produce and meats to local families and restaurants, all grown or raised sustainably with no adverse impact on our environment. The NOFA-NJ Beginner Farmer Progam at Duke Farms gave Jon and Kim a chance to pursue their dream of organic farming.  Support from NOFA-NJ and Duke Farms was crucial in launching Dogwood Farms and ensuring the farm's long term sustainability.  As part of our lease with Duke Farms and NOFA-NJ, all production at Dogwood Farms must be done without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, which is just how they've always believed it should be done!




Our Goals as Farmers:

By combining 10 acres at Duke Farms with Jon's family’s small farm just eight miles away, Dogwood Farms is building a traditionally diversified farm to provide fresh produce and pasture-raised meats as well as a youth education program for children from diverse social and economic backgrounds.  

Within these first five years, we want to build a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) offering a variety of different “shares” for 150 to 200 members.  Although we will produce a wide variety of produce and meat themselves, we will also partner with other like-minded farmers, not only to enhance the variety offered to our members, but also to build a stronger community among our fellow farmers committed to sustainability.  The first step in this effort is our partnership with Vernon Valley Farm to offer New Jersey grass-fed beef.  

In addition we want our farm to strengthen the ties between local farmers and professional chefs by serving 20 to 30 restaurants within a 25-mile radius with fresh produce delivered weekly throughout the season.  We not only want to further the farm-to-restaurant-table connection, but also bring the table to the farm by offering dinners at Duke Farms in collaboration with our restaurant partners.

Please watch the video below to get to know us a little better!  You can meet us in person at our farm stand at Duke Farms between 12:00 and 4:00 every Saturday.  And you can keep up with what's happening through Facebook at "Dogwood Farms NJ".