Jon & Kim

Dogwood Farms is a USDA certified organic farm owned and operated by Jon & Kim Knox.  As a Jersey native, Jon knew the Garden State would be a perfect place for a farm offering fresh produce and meats to families, all grown and raised sustainably in Hillsborough, NJ. 

With 35 acres leased from Duke Farms, Jon & Kim have built a traditionally diverse farm with fresh produce and pasture-raised meats. Support from Duke Farms was crucial in launching Dogwood Farms and ensuring the farm's long term sustainability.

Future Goals

In four years, Dogwood Farms has more than tripled vegetable/meat CSA programs, and expanded their business into offering specialty items ranging from salsas and sauces to hot sauce and soaps. 

After opening their retail space in May 2016, Dogwood Farms hopes to continue expanding local partnerships with other small business owners. Almost all products sold in the store are grown by Dogwood Farms, or sourced from small businesses within a 50 mile radius. This concept and philosophy is at the heart of the Dogwood Farms retail space.  


retail Locations:

Dogwood Farms Store (406 New Centre Rd. Hillsborough, NJ): SAT & SUN, 10am-4pm, APR-NOV 

Duke Farms Farmer's Market (Hillsborough, NJ): THURS, 3-8 PM, MAY-NOV

Duke Farms Cafe (Hillsborough, NJ): THURS-TUES, 8AM-6PM

check out jon & kim in their videos below!